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"I'm going to let you know, from where I stand the darker side of the fandom is not what I will talk about, it not part of what the show is about, but if you choose to do that, that is your choice, its not why we're here, not why I'M here."

- Nicole Oliver, voice actress of Princess Celestia, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

There is a reason for this, My Little Pony conventions are all-ages conventions, as the target audience is children. This was in response to bringing up Princess Molestia in front of underaged VAs.

Now, there are plans by Bronycon to give a panel to Jitterbug Jive, A.K.A. BaldDumboRat, whose blogs "Ask Zerum", "Ask Discorded Whooves" and linked blogs "Ask The Time Master" and "Crossed Equestria" make Princess Molestia look tame.

The panel, according to the artist, is about Discorded Whooves. Some examples from the "safe for work" Ask Discorded Whooves: The Doctor beats Ditzy Doo to a bloody mess, but is portrayed as a sympathetic and redeemable character. Twilight Sparkle attempting suicide around sexual innuendo. Sex with Rainbow Dash. Lyra with her throat cut. A crossover with sexual overtones with "Lil Miss Rarity", a blog that glorifies self-harm and was actually banned from Tumblr. Blatant sexual overtones and imagery. Sexual contact. More sex.

There are literally too many to list here, but they are easy to find wading through the blog's archive.

"Ask The Time Master" and "Crossed Equestria" both specify rape content. "Crossed Equestria" also features brutal imagery which include the Cake babies disemboweled and stuck in an oven. "Ask Zerum" invites askers to give commands to a victim of abuse, and they several times have "forced" the character to show her privates to them. Discord is now a rapist and also was implied to murder a child in the womb. This is not My Little Pony, and this is NOT what My Little Pony is about. This has no place in Bronycon in an official capacity where there are children, the target audience of the franchise, present.

Please send the message to Bronycon that this content is unacceptable for their audience.

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