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Allow Jitterbug Jive's Discorded Hooves Panel At BronyCon

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A Discord Whooves panel has been approved for Bronycon, so I’ll be hosting it with the Master mod and possibly a few other team members depending on what they allow for panels.I’ll be giving advice for drawing, story writing, and tips for anyone wanting to make their own tumblr draw blogs.


Pony ask blogs are spreading like wildfire in the growing community known as ‘tumblrpon’. Join Jitterbug Jive (and his team), creator of Ask Discord Whooves and Lovestruck Derpy, for a QnA with advice for art, story writing, and tips and advice for anyone wanting to start their own tumblr draw blogs. 

Topics that will be discussed:
-Tumblr ask blogs, how do they work and how do they get noticed?
-Drawing tips and advice
-Writing tips: Characters, worlds, and stories
-General questions about the blogs run by Jitterbug Jive




So recently a petition arose to ban Jitterbug Jive's panel at BronyCon due to some explicit content that his tumblr ask blogs depict.

People are signing that petition based on the worst parts of his storylines and how they "do not belong at BronyCon".

However Jitterbug Jive is a fandom artist. He doesn't just depict terrible things but also has captivating storylines about redemption and the inner struggle of Discorded Hooves and the ponies he loves.

The Doctor apologizing to Sparkler :

The Doctor talking to Jack and feeling guilty about the past

More lamenting of the past and feeling guilty

The Doctor, Amata and Pears

The Doctor showing his love for Twilight

The Doctor taking care of Scootaloo's baby and reminiscing about being a father

More of the Doctor preparing for the baby

Even more baby happiness

The Doctor breaking out of being Discorded

The Doctor, while discorded, meets Jack

The Doctor, Discorded, being upset about the past and a message from discord

The Doctor, discorded, showing his love and care for Twilight

Amata talking about the Doctor

This ridiculous food pun fight

Derpy reminiscing about the Doctor

More Derpy reminiscing

Doctor and Derpy artwork

Jitterbug Jive does much more than just the "sex" and "violence" that the other petition is fighting against. Jitterbug's panel is a discussion about him as an artist and his tumblr creations, not about violence or sex. He was approved by BronyCon as a fandom artist because he has fans that wish to hear him speak about his inspirations and his storylines. If you do not like the type of art that he does then you do not have to go to his panel.

Please do not let his panel be banned from BronyCon. He is coming to speak as an artist and a fan of the show and of Doctor Who. He has created multiple world storylines surrounding the Doctor and makes a compelling tale that brings his multitude of followers back again and again, wanting more.

Please sign this petition so he can continue to have his approved BronyCon panel.


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