Re-Enable Discord Account LadyGhost#1286, Banned For "Spamming"

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My name is Sara, and a lot of you know me as LadyGhost. I've had my Discord account for almost two years now, and I've spent my entirety of Discord growing and managing my gaming community of over 2,000 members and developing and maintaining my Discord bot Beemo. Between that I enjoy playing games with my friends, building PCs, and just hanging out with other community members and getting to know them.

I've used Discord as my main "chat" platform for a while now, and I've gotten to know some amazing people as a result of it. It's also let me program Beemo, a useful Discord bot that I've used to help manage my server and to set up custom solutions for other communities, including server suggestions, raid and spam protection, and user profiles. Beemo was in over 120 servers and was connected to over 20,000 users.

About a little over a week ago, as I was chatting in my server I was all of a sudden logged out of my Discord account. I tried to log back in and it told me I could no longer access my account. I thought maybe I got hacked but after waiting a long time Discord finally got back to me and told me my was account was reported for spamming and as a result of their investigation my account would be permanently disabled and they aren't planning on reinstating it. They weren't being too specific but I'm guessing it was this message that I got my bot to send out to server owners that accidentally got sent to a bunch of other people:

"Hey there! You're getting this message because you're in a server with me, a Discord bot developed by LadyGhost#1286. If you are a server owner with me as one of your bots, please join my original server ARDENT using the link below. You can report issues with the me, suggest new features, and LadyGhost will use that server to post bot-related announcements including feature updates and any issues/errors that might be going on. When you join, be sure to message her so you get the special "server owners" role that she'll set up. I also invite you to take our survey here: If you're not interested at all, please disregard this message. Thank you! Invite link:"

I sent out this message because I wanted server owners with my bot as part of their group to be in my server so I can communicate with them updates with the bot, as well as any issues and problems or updates as they arrive. Instead of joining each server one by one (keep in mind my bot is in over 120 servers) I figured it would be easier to just send a mass PM to all server owners.

But apparently sending mass private messages via bots is against Discord's rules, something I wasn't aware of. But even then, the issue only becomes a real problem when someone decides to report it, and I guess someone was so annoyed by the message that they went ahead and did it and got my account disabled. Here's the thing:

  1. I never realized it was against the ToS, and upon account reinstatement I'll take extra measures to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  2. With that said, this basically put me in the same category as raiders and spammers, which I have never done and in fact strongly discourage against.
  3. The message that was sent was never intended to be spam, and I don't really see it as one. I even included in there to "disregard the message" if they weren't interested at all.
  4. A repeal process or at least a warning would be nice. I didn't do anything bizarre that would warrant an immediate disabling of my account.
  5. I do realize that Discord has every right to disable my account, and I'm not going to argue that. But really, for something like this?

I didn't want to go this far as to create a petition for something as small as this, but it seems to be the only way to get Discord's attention in this matter. I would just settle by creating a new account but:

  1. This account is owner of my gaming community with over 2,000 members. Now that the account is disabled, I have no way of managing it. I've created an alternate account in the meantime but it doesn't have the sufficient permissions to do anything about it.
  2. This account is the owner of my bot. I have no way of accessing the developer portal to manage it.
  3. This account has a paid Nitro subscription active with my credit card linked to it.
  4. This account has my personal Steam, community YouTube, Twitch, and other accounts linked to it.
  5. This account is the only way of reaching out to my old friends. Friends that I have no way of accessing on my alternate account because we don't share a server. Additionally, people looking for me or people who I was in the middle of a conversation with are now probably wondering why I've vanished and all of a sudden not replying to this message.
  6. I'm a long time supporter of Discord, both as a company and a platform. They've created something wonderful and I'm happy to support it through donations and getting more people to use this app. But things like this shouldn't happen to people who don't deserve it and I feel like these ban investigations should be carried out differently to further determine is an immediate account disabling is necessary. This goes for all Discord users.

But why should you care? You shouldn't, really. I'm just another Discord user out of the millions out there who now use this app. But if you care about the friends you made in ARDENT, if you care about Beemo, the bot that helped your community out or that you enjoy using, I encourage you to sign this petition and help me get my account back. This will also help raise awareness to the other accounts out there who have probably been disabled unfairly.

Many thanks,

<3 Sara


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