Disbar Elaine Bredehoft. EB knowingly causing harm. EB’s making false claims as AGENT. .

Disbar Elaine Bredehoft. EB knowingly causing harm. EB’s making false claims as AGENT. .

June 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Linzi Levinson

Elaine Bredehoft is a Licensed Attorney. In the U.S., being licensed mandates that this ATTORNEY comply with the law. The AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION  mandates specific codes, truth, ethics, laws  & protocols governed by STATES & FED COURTS.

THE JURY in DEPP v HEARD ruled; AH was NOT believed. JD WAS believed. Ironically, the only award to AH was $2m; JURY awarded due to the ATTORNEY who “as AGENT” misstated facts.  But even knowing JD won, EB IMMEDIATELY hit the GLOBAL NEWS circuit on a press tour making statements that directly opposed the DEPP v HEARD ruling. EB making opposite claims to what HAS NOW BEEN SAFELY RULED to be FACTUAL is the  SAME OFFENSE that she detailed about JD’s ATTORNEY & his statements.  SHE WON; it was ruled, an ATTORNEY IS NOT allowed to do exactly what EB is now doing. This was JUST RULED ON and penalized at $2m per false statement.  “As an Agent, she is now making false statements.”  

EB is stating in global NEWS that JD had “same case in UK” when that is 100% false. AH was not even a party in that case. EB keeps repeating that JD lost in UK; JD did lose in UK. He’s paid dearly. HE HAS  SUFFERED ENORMOUSLY.  

It’s EB that’s illegally attempting to do a REPLAY of UK. Illegal. EB is now spewing details of  “all the evidence that wasn’t allowed in this case” saying the JUDGE WAS UNFAIR. That’s not true.

EB is on the NEWS saying that because AH was not allowed to submit her evidence, that is why AH lost. This is not true.

IF there is anything this JUDGE did not allow, it is because it was without context or was bias without enough framework.  

That SKEWED DATA that EB is now detailing on the news remains without backup or context. EB is now publicly gossiping about texts and stories, which is defamation.  

THIS is the WORST defamation because EB is doing this defiantly,  with malice, for personal gain. EB is stating that they intend to appeal.

EB should be using discretion and following legal protocol & ABA CODES & PROFESSIONAL ETHICS. 

EB publicly stated on global NEWS,  that AH does NOT have 10m to pay JD; that financial information is confidential (= legal & fiduciary breach). It’s “influential info-dump” on purpose!

EB accused JD’s LEGAL TEAM of “not playing fair in their case against AH.” Accusing other attorneys of foul play?!!!

EB accused JURY of defying law by joining with SOCIAL MASSES & deciding AH fate based on Social Popularity. That’s unacceptable!

The JURY is to be protected for 1 year, but EB is provoking them by FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

EB is on global TV telling VICTIMS of DV that the ruling for JD (against AH) means VICTIMS will never be believed. THIS IS CAUSING GLOBAL HARM.


EB though, is an ATTORNEY, who  is deliberately DEFYING & VIOLATING ABA protocols.
EB is ignoring that it had taken 6 LONG YEARS of JD’s PAIN  and  SUFFERING  to finally get through this trial & ARRIVE at a legal  conclusion.

If EB wants to ATTEMPT an APPEAL for AH, that’s up to them. EB, however, IS NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED to break the SAME EXACT LAW that the JURY just awarded $2m to AH as PENALTY to JD lawyer for making false statements with malice.  

EB is not allowed to  claim:

“UK was the same case, and JD lost.” It was NOT the same case; that’s a LIE.  EB is causing harm to VICTIMS across the globe.  

EB is stating on the NEWS that the UK was able to prove JD assaulted AH TWELVE times (SA INCLUDED) BUT THAT IS DEFAMATION.  

This is WHY JD had to finally sue.

JD sued AH because he could no longer live with an EMEMY who could only find HER OWN OXYGEN by BREWING POISONOUS VENOM to spread and spew UPON JD. He needed it to stop. JD needed to get SAFE. JD needed his LIFE BACK. The JURY gave it to him.

THIS JURY, that ruled in favor of JD…they ruled within the SAME honorable system that ELAINE BREDEHOFT is Licensed by. THIS IS THE SAME SYSTEM that allows EB to practice the law. 

The BAR prohibits EB from this illegal crusade and from this scandalous PRE-APPEAL ploy to intimidate JD. EB is globally on tour offering up vindictive defamation & breaching confidentiality that favors sympathy consistent with ongoing AH effort to destroy JD.   SUSPEND HER LICENSE OR REMOVE IT; enough is enough. 

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Signatures: 819Next Goal: 1,000
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