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Scientists say polar bears are on the fast track to extinction due to climate change. The satellite photos are indisputable that every year the Arctic sea freezes less, and polar bears must hunt on solid ice. The bears are forced to swim to ice floes that are too few and very far between; in this quest many drown with their cubs. It is predicted that within 15-20 years the polar bear will be no more.
Yet Ms. Michelle Leqve, airline hostess for Delta airlines, finds pushing a member of an endangered species toward extinction not to be a problem. This bear was chased for days, to the point of exhaustion by her team of dogs. Finally the bear stopped running and tried to hold the dogs at bey as they attacked him. During the attack Ms. Leqve pierced this poor bear to death with arrows. As you can see she is very proud to be the first woman to kill a polar bear with a high powered bow; one of her goals is to attract the attention of Sarah Palin. The beautiful terrified and tortured bear now stands in a doorway of a business in Canada.   Ms. Leque is a avid trophy hunter who has also tracked, terrified, and killed big cats, black bears, and uncountless hooved animals.  She has her own blog and declares herself a mentor to other women and even to children - teaching them her 'blood sport', how to kill innocent animals with bow and arrow.  She also declares Sarah Palin to be her "IDOL".  
This kind of despicable act is truly a black eye for Delta Airlines who employ a person of this caliber.  For the bear who suffered a horrific death for ego, "glory", money and/or attention - please sign.

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