Disability Discount on apple products

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Apple offers student discounts on their products also known as Education pricing. Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students.

I want apple to offer Disability pricing; this will make apple products affordable by the community and help open up opportunities for them to own a apple products. Apple products are known for their accessibility but many in the disabled community cannot afford or experience them. Thus, they use other digital products that are affordable but have limitations when it comes to accessibility of their devices. Which hinders their digital life and well being leading to a lot of frustration and request for help.

I hope apple will consider my petition and make their products i.e. iPhone, Mac, Watch and any other affordable by introducing Disability Pricing and help the community experience the accessibility that apple offers

This is my request on Twitter to apple; to give a disability discount on their products just as they give a students discount. Request you to like, ReTweet and comment to help make this happen. If you could share the same message with your connections I would really appreciate it


Request fellow readers to sign this petition so that our voice is heard by apple and they consider Disability Pricing; thank you for your support