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Pick Up the Critically Acclaimed Show Enlightened

Enlightened was recently canceled by HBO, but is a show with passionate fans, cast, and crew. It deserves a new life through another outlet.

Other shows have been brought back through these channels, such as "Arrested Development", "Friday Night Lights" and "Damages". Hopefully one of them will take a chance on the Golden Globe nominated "Enlightened" as well. 

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The show should be given new life in another area, just like with Arrested Development and Damages.

Laura Dern won a Golden Globe for her role as Amy Jellicoe, and the series as a whole was nominated as well. There's a chance it could be a big boost to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or DirecTV to win over new fans who love Enlightened to their services, as well as generate a ton of buzz.

So, please let this wonderfully twisted, funny and thought provoking series continue to evolve through another channel. You won't be disappointed!