Tell the Namibian government we are against selling entire herds to the highest bidder

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Namibia has decided to sell whole herds of elephants due to what they say is overpopulation rather than culling. They site that this will preserve their delicate social structure and rid the area of too many elephants . Is this really the answer , we have seen much underhandedness and political agendas as well as corruption in these solutions to wildlife management . Who will they sell to ? Safari parks in the Middle East or China? After the stress of capture and transportation of wild animals how many will remain alive ? We have seen this already with the capture of 17 infant baby elephants separated from their mothers and herd in the dead of night , held in pens then transported all over the world ... 2 are left today , living in squalid conditions, alone and traumatised . How can you move a herd safely and compassionately without trauma the psychological stress will be enough to cause long lasting harm and many deaths . Can we trust the powers that be to "sell" to a ethical buyer , does that exist ? When we allow wildlife to be a commodity there can be no good result nor happy ending . There has to be another solution. Lets tell the government we appose this and ask them to find another way