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Stop Promoting Carcinogenic Smart Grid


There has been ENORMOUS, worldwide, public backlash against the forced exposure to "smart" grid, emitting the now recognized WHO/IARC Class 2B carcinogen of electromagnetic fields from wireless devices and infrastructures. In a world where 1 in 2 men will get cancer and 1 in 3 women will also, it is shameful and dishonest to "green wash" something so "black" as the smart grid which will actually PROMOTE cancer amongst populations.when we should be working towards ways to MITIGATE exposure to these carcinogenic fields of radiation that are already abundent in society, due to the irresponsiblity and lack of care and concern for public health and safety by industry and governments who stand to gain finacially from the exploitation of the lack of education on this issue amongst the general population. We the undersigned vow never to give one penny to EDF or support them in any way, nor any other organization who irresponsibly ignores the latest science and promotes unsustainable and carcinogenic infrastructures such as forcing the smart grid on an unsuspecting and unkowing public. We call on Fred Krupp, president of EDF to withdraw his support for this dangerous infrastructure and to stand with us in our goal to reduce greenhouse gasses responsibly, not by adding yet another deadly toxin into our already polluted atmosphere.


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    Fred Krupp, Director, Environmental Defense Fund

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