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Stop them from Killing members of the Wedge Wolf Pack

According to resources the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) are planning to hunt and kill one of the eight confirmed wolf packs in Yakima, WA.

"Once wolves become habituated to livestock as their primary food source, all of the wolf experts we've talked to agree that we have no alternative but to remove the entire pack," Director Phil Anderson said. "By doing that, we will preserve the opportunity for the recovery of gray wolves in balance with viable livestock operations."

These wolves are still listed as ENDANGERED. Where is the plan to educate and train farmers to reduce these attacks?  Killing should never be an option. The Director also indicated that he "hopes" the department and ranchers will work together to avoid a repeat of this situation.  The Executive Vice President of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association Jack Field has said (via the WDFW website) that he is encouraging landowners to enter into cooperative management agreements with WDFW that specify non-lethal measures that a livestock operator will use to minimize wolf-livestock conflict. 

We need a solution, not "hope" or "encouragement" as these wolves have no hope without our help!

This is a collective effort to save one of eight confirmed wolf packs in Washington state and educate others about the risks involved if we do not take a stand. There is absolutely no reason why nature cannot coexist.


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