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Within a pet shop of the Pejaten Shopping Mall in Jakarta, dogs (specifically young huskies and beagles) are being kept and waiting to be sold in horrendous conditions.

These large and active dogs are subjected to immense cruelty as they are continually placed within a a single cage inside the pet shop.
As if this were not terrible enough, these cages are far too small as the dogs are unable to move, the cage is made of metal with no lining or comfort, they are left to lie within their own urine and feces, and the dogs are caged separate from one another preventing any form of socialisation, the most important part of a young dogs development.
This type of animal cruelty clearly goes against the Indonesian Animal Welfare Law (KUHP Number 302) as these poor dogs are being deprived of a life within the world.

I cannot even begin to imagine what might happen to these dogs if they are not sold.

We must put an end to this terrible suffering and try to provide these animals and future animals with a chance to a normal life!

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