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Declare a holiday moratorium on home foreclosures

We call upon the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to declare a holiday moratorium on foreclosures, auctions, and evictions from November 24, 2011 through January 1, 2012. Foreclosures, auctions, and evictions are always an extremely difficult experience, but they are especially painful during the holiday season when individuals and families want to celebrate with loved ones in the comfort of their homes. Foreclosures, auctions, and evictions during the holiday season are felt even more deeply by children.

We implore the FHFA to show compassion during the holiday season for individuals and families who are facing hard times by temporarily suspending all eviction proceedings, auction notices, and delaying the start of new foreclosures until January 2, 2012.

With 7.6 million home foreclosures since 2008 — and a predicted 7.4 million more between now and 2016 (or roughly 5,068 homes per day) — 200,000 families could face foreclosure between now and the new year.

You can help make this holiday a little easier for them by providing them with more time to find a softer landing. Please declare a holiday moratorium on home foreclosures, auction notices, and evictions.

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    Edward J. DeMarco

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