Online Conduction of Internals

Online Conduction of Internals

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Bhavya Mulukuri started this petition to Director of PES Institute of Technology

Given the pandemic, there are serious concerns about having exams offline. Some of these are as follows.

• The number of COVID-19 cases is increasing daily, and is now much higher than when online tests were conducted last semester.
• Travel is dangerous, especially for just three days, given that for most people it will be in public transport.
• There is a possibility of traveling students being asymptomatic carriers.
• There is a possibility of carrying the disease and appearing for exams in the fourteen-day window itself, so even if someone isn't asymptomatic in the end, they won't know until after the exams.
• There are potentially immuno-compromised students/faculty, for whom coming out is out of the question altogether.
• Many students have high-risk members of family at home, such as the elderly or very young.
• Many other colleges are conducting their tests online, and, through proctoring of video cameras and microphones and not allowing tab-switching, doing so successfully.
• Travel will be on short notice, with no time to self-isolate or take other precautions. To add to that, the dates mentioned by college are tentative.
• There is no longer a mandatory quarantine period. Given that most of our students are from outside Bangalore, this endangers them during travel as well as ones they come in contact with once in college.
• Social distancing will be tough to maintain at all points while inside the campus, such as in the lobby and in washrooms.
• Those living in flats or otherwise on their own will have to make food arrangements from outside, which is doubly risky.
• The reopening guidelines advise against opening for anybody other than research/graduate students.
• Some students from out of town have completely vacated their residences in Bangalore, and as such have no place to stay for three days.

We request that you consider these points and others, and consider an online solution for the three internals to be conducted this semester. There are many ways to proctor exams, and platforms already exist that will do so—this can help in monitoring malpractice.

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