For the Town of Riverview to reconsider location of proposed Retail/ Apartment complex

For the Town of Riverview to reconsider location of proposed Retail/ Apartment complex

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Started by Concerned Resident

A developer wants to build two 10-storey towers which would include eight floors of apartments and two levels of parking on the current site of the Chocolate River Station.

The developer would be purchasing the property from the town.

The iconic Riverview building the Chocolate River Station would be torn down  and the entire waterfront of this town will forever be changed.

There are many other un-developed commercial land properties available that would better suit this development.

Per the Town of Riverview Website:

"Riverview is a town of just 20,000. That’s pretty cozy. So we can’t take everyone—though we do try to be accommodating. Those who find a place for themselves, their family, or their business, well, they know how lucky they are. Here, a pristine environment, active lifestyle, commitment to sustainability, and urban proximity combine in an almost impossibly alluring way. Come to stay, or to visit. We’d love to have you."

"The Riverfront Trail is one of those simple but meaningful things that makes living in a community so wonderful. Winding along the spectacular Petitcodiac River, the 5.2 km Riverfront Trail is a beautiful destination for a stroll, to spend time with the kids, and feel connected to one of the most dynamic features of life in our Town. Watch for migratory waterfowl on the marshlands and catch the tidal bore when it arrives twice daily. The trail used by walkers, runners and bikers in all directions from the Riverview causeway to Outhouse Point."

"We're a town. Through and through.
What’s in a name? In a word, everything. A town has a casual, comfortable, familiar warmth of spirit. A town is defined by the down-to-earth values of helpfulness, care, and respect. A town is physically charming, and alive with the genuine humanity that can only come from really knowing your neighbors. A city? Sure, we’re close to a few. But we aren’t one. And we don’t plan to be."

Stay true to your own words Riverview! Don't ruin the face of our community!

1,931 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!