Justice for Jaypreet

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My name is Jaypreet Singh. I am a 21 years old, B.Tech Final Year student, studying at NIT Warangal. On 11th March 2018, I was on my way to the college stadium to attend the cultural programme when I was brutally attacked. It was around 9.00 pm then. They first used an iron rod, hitting on my forehead, due to which I fell down from my bike. They then surrounded me and started hitting me with rods and Amit Yadav, one of them stabbed me multiple times using a sharp object. A security guard tried to intervene, but failed to do so. As I continued facing the brutal onslaught, students around there rushed in and saved me. I have since then been shifted to Rohini Hospital and have undergone multiple sugeries.
The following students were involved:
1. Amit Yadav
2. Dheeraj Kumar
3. Pankaj Kumar
4. Nitesh Kumar
5. AliWarish
6. Ravikant Yadav
7. Rohit Kumar
Their primary motive was to kill me as a result of their grudge against me, which all started back during the student council elections. They have had multiple fights with me in the past too. 4 days prior, I was attacked by the same group of people infront of Lagoon's Kitchen regarding which I have already submitted a complaint to our Dean, Student Affairs.
It was clearly a pre-meditated action. Nothing of this sort should ever happen to anybody. 3 days have passed since the event. No action has been taken against the perpetrators. The assailants' parents have been pressuring my family to compromise and not take the legal couse of action. I call on the people of our nation to help me achieve justice. Let this course be an example for any and all such people who resort to such extreme levels of violence.
Yesterday it was me, tomorrow it could be somebody else. Colleges are places that we consider as safe havens. Incidents such as these tarnish the reputation of the college too. Please join me and my family in this difficult time and sign the petition, calling for immediate action.

Yours Sincerely
Jaypreet Singh