Extension of girls hostel In time in NIT Raipur

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Even after providing a 24*7 security by BIS Guards, the girls are not permitted to be anywhere in the CAMPUS after 8 pm. 

As soon as the clock reaches 7:50pm, In a same manner as a Shepherd shoos off his herds, the guards are ordered to do the same to the girl students in the campus by whistling until the time they impose a "girl curfew" in the campus.

The In time rule for boys also exists but it's only on papers. 

Girls feel that it limits their freedom particularly because boys are not subject to any curfew.

The another way the curfew negatively affects them is by hindering their ability to work. They have to leave the campus and enter their hostel at 8pm even if they have any important project going on . While boys working for their projects or preparing vehicles for any competition are allowed to stay inside the institute for the whole night.

This issue of In time for girls is ending the gender equality as well as it shows the lack of faith to the security system of the college.

So as to end up all these discriminations prevailing, there should be a common In time to the hostels of boys and girls and it should not be as early as 8 pm because it's the age when students persue education with enjoyment and being jailed up at 8 pm inside the hostel can't let anyone enjoy his/her freedom.


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