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Assist in the rescue of Wellington ("Wellie").

Wellie is a sweet and helpless kitten who fell down a well in Historic Bethabara. She has been crying since Saturday, when she was discovered at the bottom of the well. After we notified Ellen Kutcher about the kitten, Kutcher stated that Historic Bethabara would do nothing to help the kitten. She even rejected the possibility of removing the modern covering from the top of the well (without causing any material damage to the well itself). Without a hasty rescue, this poor kitten will not survive. Ellen Kutcher knows that this helpless kitten is on Bethabara property, trapped in a well, with only the food and water that can be tossed down a tiny opening at the top of the well and she refuses to expend even minimal resources to attempt a rescue. Now that she has become aware of the situation, Ellen Kutcher has an ethical responsibility on behalf of Bethabara to save Wellie from starving or freezing to death at the bottom of this well. By participating in this petition, you can help put pressure on Ellen Kutcher and Historic Bethabara to rescue Wellie, who can't rescue herself (though she has certainly tried!).

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  • Director, Historic Bethabara Park, Winston-Salem - Ellen Kutcher

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