Stop BBC fake news about Sri Lankan Tamil genocide. Their material is encouraging hatred!

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BBC has been portraying our newly elected president as a person guilty of war crimes during the civil unrest between the terrorist organization called LTTE and the Sri Lankan national army.

BBC has on countless occasions described the war between these two parties as a genocide of the Sri Lankan tamil people.

The truth is LTTE is a terrorist organization. They have killed thousands of innocent people belonging to all cultural groups that live in this country. There is solid evidence for this. LTTE is formally defined as a terrorist group by many countries and anyone identifying themselves as LTTE are not accepted into those countries (full list available on wikipaedia). Therefore it is technically incorrect to strategically replace the word "terrorists" with the word "rebels" to describe this group on the BBC videos. The choice of wording on this `is a clear sign that their news reporting is biased. 

SL army did an amazing job protecting the Tamil civilians in the war zones whilst only targeting the LTTE. LTTE recruited women, children and the frail against their will to fill up numbers for their army. These kids did not get to go to school or have a normal childhood having to live in terror all the time. The war experience for innocent civilians in the war zones (> 95% Tamil origin) would have been definitely worse than for the civilians living further away from the core. Ummm.. isn’t child soldiers against humanitarian law? Or did BBC forget to show those video recordings to the world?

We have plenty of evidence of all of these inhumane acts. Unlike BBC the only difference is we are presenting solid facts, there is no speculation and baseless, biased allegations. 

If fighting and destroying a terrorist group is a criminal act then USA fighting Al-Qaeda, the world fighting against ISIS etc should also be acts of war crime and should also be made to answer for their acts. So why the double standards? 

Sri Lanka as a country is accusing BBC of repeated false and unjust allegations against the independent sovereignity of a peaceful country with material that clearly kindles hatred among ethnic groups and deliberately distorting the truth.

BBC is warmongering. BBC claims on war crimes are nothing beyond speculation at best of times. However, being such a strong forefront in world media, things that get shown on BBC travels far and wide. We feel that BBC needs to get the true facts before dwelling into the politics of a country that it knows very little about.

What BBC says about the Sri Lankan goverment, its leaders and the army is hugely defaming. We urge you to inquire into the sources BBC is using for information and to give a more true picture of what really happens in Sri Lankan politics. World media ethics should look into your material too! Someone independent and neutral.