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Please sign & share the petition to stop the killings & torture of stray dogs in Malaysia

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 The  video footages provided by MIAR.

Please watch this video footages captured by the public,  showing how the stray dogs were tortured and strangled in the streets of Malaysia. These were the dogs we lost to Majlis Perbandaran. We must stand up for these victims and all the stray dogs still out there and sign and share the petition to end the torture and killings of these stray dogs from now on.

How much longer should more stray dogs have to suffer like this. Majlis Perbandaran is protected by the By laws. We want DVS to stop this and uphold the animal cruelty act. We are tired of the lame excuses we have received from the authorities. They denied the dogs were strangled yet you could see this in the video footages. These forms of torture must end. Please sign and share the petition.

We want to work with DVS, SPCA, feeders, NGOs and independent rescuers to work towards a reduction in the stray dogs population. Not by killing. We can all make a difference by spaying & neutering all the stray dogs. We should work together to set up clinics to help rescuers trap, neuter and manage the stray dogs population. What we don't want is the torturing and killing of stray dogs.

We appeal to animal lovers all over the world for help with this special petition which has footages of the torture of stray dogs in Malaysia by dog catchers employed by the government.

Please watch the video. The dogs were tortured to death. For the sake of these dogs and those who are still being hunted by the council workers, please share and sign the petition to ask DVS to educate these people on how to carry out their work humanely.

The NGOs in Malaysia can't take in all the stray dogs into their shelters because we are limited in spaces and resources. We need a program to  SPAY & NEUTER ALL STRAY DOGS AND MANAGE THEIR ADOPTION OR RELEASE. Our ultimate goal NOW is to end the brutality inflicted upon the stray dogs by anyone. One day every dog in Malaysia will be a loved dog.

We can set up a clinic similar to this.


God bless their souls who have perished and those who are still being victimised. 

These are recording from people who witnessed these acts of brutality. ...God knows what went unrecorded.

The video can be seen on Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue Facebook. It's brutal and horrific how the dogs were  tortured to death in public areas!


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