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Remove all horses or any other animals from this farm for good.

. Google this if you want to read the full article : 23 horses die in Gorham Maine. But basically they perrished because the owners of this farm were feeding the horses cow silage which geve them all botulism. Horses Cannot processe cow feed. It it is cheap so that's what they were getting. I have personally been to this facility to look at horses to purchase and was disgusted by what I saw. Theses beautiful animals were living in horrible conditions . We reported to the state and was told the same thing as all the other people who have reported them, and that was livestock which horses are considered have a different set of guidelines as far as what constitutes abuse and neglect. Well if this isn't abuse and neglect I do not know what is. I also live 1 mile from this farm and drive by it everyday. We have actually hit one of thier horses with a vehicle because they are not properly contained and are always running out in the road. Now we have botulism running through the ground around us which will affect the drinking water . But most importantly is our love for these beautiful animals . I cry every time I think about this heartbreaking situation. The department of agriculture will not shut them down for some reason so we are hoping this petition helps! Please sign!

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