Save Carfin Grotto Centre from closure!

Save Carfin Grotto Centre from closure!

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Saint Padre Pio - Marian Events Scotland started this petition to Diocese of Motherwell

This is the announcement from the Motherwell Diocese today:

''Closure of Carfin Pilgrimage Centre

Carfin Pilgrimage Centre was opened in July 1996 and since then has provided a range of services to pilgrims visiting the Grotto. The services now mainly comprise a gift shop and café within the premises.

However, for most of this period, the Centre has had to rely on financial subsidies from the Diocese to remain operational and this position has become further exacerbated recently by the indication of the need to incur significant additional expenditure to meet statutory food and hygiene and health and safety standards expected today.

Unfortunately the footfall and use of the Centre is not sufficient to bring in sufficient income to meet day to day operational costs, notwithstanding the potential improvement costs indicated, and therefore, after considerable thought and discussion, the Diocesan Trustees have decided that there is no alternative but to close the Centre with effect on Tuesday 30th September 2019.

This decision has been taken with deep regret bit I feel it is a decision which has had to be made.

I would like to express my thanks to the management and staff at the Pilgrimage Centre for their excellent work, service and commitment to the Centre over the past 23 years.

Discussions will take place with Fr McGachey, the parish priest of St Francis Xavier Parish, on the provision of alternatives facilities when the Centre closes.

Bishop Joseph Toal''

The Grotto Centre is and should be the hub of the Grotto and it should not be allowed close.  Help us by signing this petition. The centre is more that a coffee shop that loses money.  It is a special place:

where all visitors and pilgrims can meet for coffee and fellowship

where many people with special needs, the lonely, the elderly, the less able, those who are suffering in some way or another all gather to seek support and friendship

where many people come to buy religious items and gifts and the only place in Scotland that is open during the week

With the right management and funding in place, the Grotto Centre could be transformed into the real hub of the Grotto, Scotland's National Shrine.  With the right marketing and presence on social media etc, it could attract more and more pilgrims to visit the Grotto. A real place of evangelization and christian fellowship.

The Diocese and the Bishop are concerned about the financial losses of the centre.  However, of the Centre was leased to a third party organisation then the Diocese could benefit financially from the Centre rather than having to fund it.

You can help us by signing this petition today.  Please share it and ask your friends to sign it.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!