To keep EDY OCONNOR as headteacher of Swinford Primary School

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Swinford Primary School in South Leicestershire has a dedicated, enthusiastic, engaging headmaster that always goes above and beyond.

A headmaster whose children go to the school, a headmaster who puts in more hours than required, one who puts the welfare and happiness of his students first.

DLAT are looking at making our headmaster (who has rejuvenated the school since he took up the post in 2012) redundant, so they can save costs and bring in an “executive head” to look after at least one other school (essentially one head covering two/three schools).

This isn’t about a man losing his job, it’s about the community losing its engaging headmaster. One who is idolised by his students (past and present), respected by his peers and loved by his community.

We need DLAT to look at the bigger picture and not replace our headmaster (who has brought the school into the black and one who endeavours to ensure the school is run perfectly).

We need YOUR help to keep OUR headmaster!