Immediate Apology to the Students and Community of Covington Catholic High School

Immediate Apology to the Students and Community of Covington Catholic High School

January 20, 2019
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Diocese of Covington
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jordan Pauly

I am a graduate from the 2005 class of Covington Catholic High School. 

I'm calling for an immediate apology from all the news outlets surrounding the events that took place in D.C. surrounding Covington Catholic High School. 

One sided journalism, along with shifty video evidence immediately had a nation believe that young men from CCH were engaging with and harassing a Native American veteran in D.C. 

This is furthest from the truth, and there is video evidence to prove it.

This Nation has become so divided that everyone is looking for an angle to push their own agenda, without understanding the full circumstances or danger it could have. 

These young men have since received threats, and there have been multiple accounts of misrepresentation. 

The video evidence is linked below. 

Please sign this petition if you want the entire truth exposed by our national journalist, and you wish for an apology for the boys and community of Covington Catholic. 


First video: CCH students being harassed by protestors, calling students slurs and profanity.

NEW VIDEO ANGLE: You can see Nathan walk right by the protestors who were just yelling at the CCH students into the crowd of boys.

Second Video: Native American gentleman walking over into the group of young men (not being surrounded as the media would have you believe)

Third video: Continuation of Native American gentleman walking into the group and directly up to the face of the young man being accused.

Fourth video: Another angle and longer video
showing the boys being harassed by the Native American people. (Don’t be surprised if this link gets pulled again, it blows the lid off the entire thing).

Fifth Video: A new hour + long clip. CCH students shown at an hour in waiting on the steps for the bus.

Formulate your own opinion but this appears a bit different and less dramatic than the media is portraying it.

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Signatures: 20,052Next Goal: 25,000
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