Dingo Conservation is Crucial for Biodiversity

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Ecological research around the world has increasingly emphasised the importance of apex predators for ecosystem health, and the preservation of biodiversity. Diminishing apex predator populations has often been associated with ecosystem instability and species decline.

The false dingo/’wild dog’ distinction in current government policiy in Australia obstructs policy recognition of this ecological reality.

The positive role of dingoes within Australian ecosystems as native wildlife is being undermined by use of lethal poisons to remove 'wild dogs' or dingoes,  and exotic non native predators,  to which dingoes are falling victim as collateral damage.

Australia's leading environmental  Scientists have endorsed removal of toxic poisons (such as 1080) from use and killing our Australian dingo  on environmental grounds.

Federal and State Governments must now  act to develop and implement policy which considers the important ecological and cultural identity of the dingo, and further develop alternative stock protection methodology wherever necessary, to avoid lethal control. 

The Scientific experts further emphasise mounting and compelling evidence that indiscriminate baiting of dingoes,  including as a consequence of collateral or secondary poisoning, exacerbates livestock predation and negative ecological consequences, and can seriously harm  biodiversity, resilience and health of Australian ecosystems

The impacts of  lethal control of dingoes  is likely to facilitate increases in wild cats, foxes and herbivore populations (kangaroos, feral goats, feral pigs, etc.)  that are currently managed as pest species.

Many of Australia’s threatened mammals survive in  areas where dingoes are present,  and an increase in intensity and frequency of poison baiting,  is likely to be detrimental to their persistence.

The reintroduction of dingoes to the environment  in Australia wherever populations have been removed and /or decimated,  as recommended by the Victorian State Government following its recent Inquiry into threatened species, must be acknowledged as only beneficial for biodiversity and acted upon in Victoria and all other  States and Territories of Australia must conduct similar inquiries to inform outcomes of benefit to the environment.   

As to exaggerated claims about dingoes and stock loss to predation, data obtained by AFCAD Inc under Freedom of Information from each State has shown that claims of stock loss  by dingoes, in all States of Australia,  is exaggerated and negligible.

These issues must  be fully addressed by both Commonwealth and State Governments and the use of lethal control abandoned in favour of non lethal measures without any further hesitation or delay and the reintroduction of dingoes to suitable areas be considered with priority.  To do otherwise is irresponsible


photo: Gary Meredith

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!