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Dignity and Justice for Asylum Seekers

Britain has an obligation to protect those within its borders who have fled persecution.

However, instead of giving them refuge, Britain subjects asylum seekers to appalling treatment while they are in this country and then deports them back to countries that are war torn or which are led by despots or which have terrible human rights records and where the deportees' lives will be at risk. 

Because we believe that asylum seekers should be treated with dignity and respect, we are going to:

1. Write to MPs, MEPs, the Home Secretary, the Immigration Minister and the Prime Minister. 
♦ We are going to remind them that Britain has an obligation to protect asylum seekers and that by vilifying and attacking asylum seekers, Britain is failing to honour that obligation. 
♦ We are going to give them examples of bad and indecent practice.
2. We are going to write to the airlines that are used to deport asylum seekers. 
♦ We are going to tell them that we, our families, friends and neighbours will be boycotting the airlines because of they are routinely used to deport asylum seekers. 
3. We are going to boycott boycott airlines that are routinely used to deport asylum seekers.
♦ We are going to encourage our families, friends, neighbours and relatives to do the same. 

We are aware that we can contact our MP, MEPs and David Cameron through the following links: 

♦ MPs <>
♦ MEPs <
♦ David Cameron <>

We are also aware that contact details for commercial airlines known to be used to deport asylum seekers are accessible at

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    Theresa May MP
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