Bring The Four Kings Casino and Slots to Linux/SteamOS

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To all the staff of Digital Leisure.


It has come to my attention that over the two years of this game has come around for the PS4 as well as for the PC (Windows) and Mac, there's no Linux/SteamOS version around.

Now of course you would be asking "What's in it for us if we are going to port The Four Kings Casino and Slots over to Linux/SteamOS?", Well there are a lot of advantages to this.

.You would bring an AAA casino game to the masses that use Linux/SteamOS

.It would be possibly the first MMSO (Massive Multiplayer Social Online) that isn't Second Life to Linux

.No need for people to have a Dual Boot to Windows/Mac or using WINE to play this, just pure native Linux/SteamOS.

.People would be willing to pay items and other stuff in-game, not all of us are cheapskates.

.If the game is cross-platform for people who come online, people on Linux would be able to interact with people who runs this on Windows or Mac.


Now I remember someone at Digital Leisure who said at the discussion board on Steam claiming that if there's enough people who send enough support to Linux, they would consider into porting it to there.

Well, I and many of the people who signed up our petition are saying "Yes!" into bringing The Four Kings Casino & Slots to Linux/SteamOS.


Yours Sincerely

Marc Sola & the people who signed this petition.