Digital Extremes (DE) for porting Warframe into Linux OS

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Disclaimer: this petition is in fact a kind request from a praising fan, not a demand from an entitled jerk.

Warframe is by far the best online looter/shooter ever, and it's totally free-to-play!

Windows OS is the mainstream platform for gaming, in this day and age, but unfortunately it's filled with corporate agenda, from the "casual" mandatory installation of Microsoft Edge, Minecraft, Candy Crush, to the invasive policies to concede your personal data and privacy in exchange of having a functional operating system. This makes it so that transitioning away from corporate, proprietary operating systems and software and into free & open-source software (foss) become increasingly desirable.

Digital Extremes is well regarded by its fan base as being one of the (if not the absolute) best videogame developers of this generation, be it in terms of level of quality and polish of their games, as well as level of care and dedication to the players. In the midst of the evermore frequent news of abusive practices from AAA game developers, Digital Extremes remain unfaltering in their commitment to delivering both an engaging and immersive gaming experience as well as being fair and transparent to their fan base when proposing new offers of playable characters, equipment, cosmetic items and in-game currency. Those are totally transparent, and best of all, may be obtained through gameplay alone, without ever having to spend any of our hard earned real money.

Having said that, there are occasions where certain situations have been left unchecked, the one here being that of Warframe's portability inside a Linux distribution. I'm aware of the fact that Warframe has been made compatible with Linux OS by its own dedicated fan base, through the Wine compatibility layer (honorable mention to the contributions made by @GloriousEggroll in this regard). What I ask here in this petition goes a step further.

Many parallels between all existing Linux distributions and Digital Extremes can be drawn and seen clearly as day. The reason why so many Linux distributions (as well as the myriad of available foss) exist and are adored by their users is essentially the same ones that make DE such a great company and game developer. There are far too many principles that go hand-in-hand between both DE and Linux, if I may, starting from the fact they are both truly free and open to any and every public.

Fairness, transparency and complete control over the purchase of items in game is something no other game offers, be it on pc, console or mobile platforms. This isn’t just a matter of turning a profit in a company, it’s a matter of ethical, moral practices and respect towards their fans and followers – ultimately, the hand that feeds. It’s baffling to see how poorly is the gaming community treated by most AAA game developers these days, as though they never depended at all on their loyalty and dedication to the games they pay from these companies. And how not to mention these exact same traits taken to heart by each and every one of the Linux users? It’s precisely due to the lack of fairness, transparency and user control over the corporate, proprietary software and operating systems that Linux came to be in the first place. To provide people who disagrees with all of their exploitation by any company with an alternative to do things differently, and refuse to participate in their schemes, and fit their agendas.

Another great principle they share is that of commitment. Even though free-to-play, Warframe doesn’t hold the player by the hand into a series of tutorials, and pointless cut-scenes. Every step of the game’s progression is in and of itself a challenge, a discovery. There’s no NPC to tell you what to do next, you just have your ship and the entire star chart to go about and explore. Warframe isn’t a game you can expect to play through in just a couple dozen hours; for a start, you need at least 500 hours in order to get some actual progression in game.

Similarly, you don’t just jump from iOS, or Windows 10, with all your GUI’s, big icons and so many apps you don’t even know what are there for into a file system structure and command line terminal in just one day. If you want to do something, first you do your research, test and trial the many ways it might be done – sometimes at the risk of ruining your installation – until finally solving your problem on your own! That’s the price we all pay for being free from corporate grasp: we ourselves cater to our own well-being. Granted, it will take both a huge amount of time and effort on our part, and that’s perfectly fine, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Nobody else should take better care of you but yourself, that’s your responsibility. But once you learn it right, nobody can ever take that away from you either. You become self-sufficient, and it becomes crystal clear you’d take a hundred hours of research, failing and learning instead a hundred buck corporate product any day of the week.

These are just the fewer, most glaringly obvious similarities between those worlds, Linux and Warframe, and why being a part of them is so engaging, entertaining and fulfilling. We’re Tennos as much as we are Penguins. You really become part of a community, and the strength is in the numbers. That’s what keep both Linux and Warframe alive, it’s a sense of community, participation and sharing. Linux is not proprietary to anyone, it’s a gift to humanity, for humanity’s own sake. I believe the same can be said about Warframe, and its player base. It isn’t proprietary of Digital Extremes, it’s a gift to all gamers, from all places, ages and backgrounds.

So, after I learned what was the philosophy behind Linux OS, and already having played Warframe for almost 2000 hours now, I felt compelled to write this text, and share it with anyone I could. I don’t know if it will reach many people, I don’t know if it will have any relevance to the developers. But this is meant to be a praising of both Linux and Warframe, and a humble request from one of their users that Digital Extremes develop and release a porting of Warframe in Linux OS, fully optimized, both standalone and linked to Steam on Linux. I have nothing to offer for the sake of such request, but my loyalty to both game and operating system. I believe they both are a treasure and deserve our support and care, because ultimately they both stand for values that benefit all human beings, not just gamers or pc users.

I will always be a fan of the two, and will cherish every moment I spend with them.

From me:

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