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STOP! And save the pink

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When you eat something like bacon, you don’t think about what harm pigs have to go through every week or even everyday so they can give you that to die for taste in your mouth. Well these pigs are harmed every day for people to get the yummy taste of meat on their tongues.

Tyson hog factory, is a meat producer factory that torture their pigs. At Tyson’s factory thousands of pigs spend nearly their entire lives crammed into cages so small they could barely move. The pigs can’t turn around, walk or even lie down comfortably. The Pigs have open wounds and bloody sores from rubbing up against their tiny metal crates. These pigs continuously ram their heads into their crates with frustration wanting to get out. Pigs are one of the most sociable animals and they have to live everyday in tiny cages, making them mad and starts putting them into bad conditions.

Also workers at Tyson factory violently slam pigs headfirst on the ground if they don’t walk in order. Some pigs are thrown so hard on the ground, it looks like the workers are throwing a football. Then the workers just leave them on the ground suffering and slowly dying. Pigs get their tails cut off and body parts ripped out of them without any painkillers or medication. Tyson workers also hit these poor pigs with bats and pans. When the pigs are heading back into their crates, if the go “too slow” they will get shoved so forcefully in the crate the pig hits their head, which then gives them another opened wound.

These pigs go through a lot of torture in their live, but I think the worst part is them living in tiny cages. These types of animals are so sociable, they shouldn’t be prohibited from socializing and getting abused for what they do naturally. Keeping pigs in tiny cages isn’t just horrible, it also affects our environment. According to Animal Production and Health “ the intensification of pig production and consequent higher animal densities, the environmental effect have to be considered. Global issues such as greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production” (Food and Agriculture). Even just keeping these pigs in cages creates issues to the environment, so let's stop it!

Please help me stop this cruelty to pigs. Take a moment to sign my petition to stop Tyson Hog factory from torturing these poor pigs.

Thank You.

Avery Dietrich


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