Justice for Cynde Bates/Remove Judge Tonny Beavers

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On May 5, 2017, Cynde Bates was alledgedly beaten to death by her husband, Jonathan Bates, in front of their two young children, ages 4 and 7. He had a long history of abusing his wife. Cynde’s family as well as some of Jonathan’s family members have given statements to the police about this abuse. 

Jonathan Bates’ “foster parents” are former Paulding County Superior Court Judge Bill Foster and his wife Cindy Foster. Jonathan lived with the Fosters as a teenager. They have bought him cars and a home. They are not legally his foster parents but they were acting in that capacity in his life. They still do treat him as a son. Jonathan Bates has a long criminal history and the Fosters have consistently gotten him out of trouble with the courts and had rules bent in his favor. 

Before Jonathan murdered Cynde, he was arrested on Probation Violation. Anyone familiar knows bail is not set for people who violate their probation. Cynde was planning to leave him and move in with her sister while he was in jail. Unfortunately, Jonathan’s foster mother, Cindy Foster, managed to get the current Paulding County Superior Court Judge, Tonny Beavers, to allow her to bail Jonathan out of jail. Jonathan came home before his wife, Cynde, had the chance to leave. He beat her over a period of two days. She died from blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Jonathan was arrested and charged with Malice Murder, Battery and two counts of Cruelty to Children. Judge Beavers threw out all the charges except the Battery Charge and set his bail at $1500.

The detectives on the case, however, were not ready to give up on pursuing justice for Cynde. They built their case and on October 25, 2017, a Grand Jury indicted Jonathan Bates for Felony Murder, Battery and two counts of Cruelty to Children. Judge Beavers held off signing the arrest warrant for days. Jonathan Bates was finally arrested on October 30, 2017. His bail was set by Judge Beavers for $16,750. That is very low for a Murder charge. 

Jonathan Bates was bailed out November 3, 2017. Everyone in Paulding County and even people following this case outside of Paulding County can see the conflict of interest here. Judge Beavers has a long friendship with former Judge Bill Foster, Jonathan’s “foster” dad. He has a clear bias in favor of the defendant because of his friendship with Bill and Cindy Foster. If Jonathan had no relationship with a person with that kind of sway and power within Paulding County, his bail would have been set according to the seriousness of the crimes he has been charged with. 

Please sign this petition to have Judge Tonny Beavers recused from this Murder case. Cynde Bates deserves justice and so does her family and friends.