@DickC (Twitter CEO) Keep your users truly safe. Please remove condoms from @TwitterAds Blacklist

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@DickC (Twitter CEO) Keep your users truly safe. Please remove condoms from @TwitterAds Blacklist

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Is Your Sexual Health Important To You? Us Too!
Do you think condoms are x-rated? I didn’t think so.

Yet, condoms seem far too sexy for Twitter.

Lucky Bloke, where I am founder and CEO, has been inundated for months with emails from “Twitter for Business,” urging us to try out Twitter Ads and turn our followers into customers. However, after we tried to participate in the program with a "Tired of lousy condoms?" sponsored Tweet, Twitter banned us from advertising entirely.

According to their confusing ad policies, any content that’s sexual (including safe sex education) and ALL contraceptives are prohibited.

Really? Seriously.

This is simply unacceptable. Will you join us by signing our petition to Twitter to change its policy around global health?  Join us as we #Tweet4Condoms!

Condoms save lives — and removing stigma will save more lives. This is not avant-garde or edgy positioning. Condoms are a necessary health item globally.

Our simple request for Twitter:

Kindly remove condoms (and the ability to share sexual health information) from Twitter Ads content blacklist.

In the fight against the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies, condoms are the first line of defense. If you restrict the distribution of condoms, you are restricting efforts to save lives.

Let’s acknowledge condoms for what they are: a necessary, safe, socially acceptable way for people to protect their health — and let’s encourage Twitter to show the world that they are utterly unafraid to challenge anyone who attempts to stigmatize or marginalize condom use.     

(Please note, you can sign the petition without displaying your name. Your privacy is important to us too!)

Here are the ways you can support the cause and share the campaign:

Lucky Bloke is requesting that our allies, friends, and sexual health experts and advocates join the campaign by:

●      SIGNING: this petition asking Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo to remove
        stigmatizing and harmful restrictions on condom advertising.

●      TWEETING: @Twitter, @TwitterAds and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo
        (@dickc) with the campaign hashtag #Tweet4Condoms.
        (Click here -and scroll down- for sample Tweets)

●      LEARNING: more about the campaign & sexual health:
        SaferSex.Education Site brought to you by Lucky Bloke


We sincerely thank you for supporting our global health efforts!

You friends at Lucky Bloke


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This petition had 805 supporters

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