Remove Historical Inaccurate Customization from Battlefield 5 or We Boycott

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The only thing EA understands is money we must boycott to show them, we the consumers can make a difference. Read on and sign if you agree!

 Battlefield needs to be boycotted. The inaccurate portrail  of WW2 must be fixed and is rather disgraceful. The lack of mention of the Eastern Front and the Pacific is also not comforting.  I have been playing Battlefield since Battlefield 2 and I'm done. 

Firstly, I have no problem with women being in the single player in their respective stories that are true and very courageous. An even in multiplayer if accurate i.e. french resistance or Russian troops. These are great additions to the game. But I feel like this forced inclusion into combat takes away from the actual contributions as women as nurse, factory works and a plethora of other logistical fields that were vitally important. 

The argument that people upset at this game hate women is actually pathetic. Fortnite has women no one complains or cares , Black Ops has women no one complains or cares because it fits fine, COD WW2 and this game contain active front line combatant women which were such a minority ( Does not mean they shouldn't be represented , but this is all wrong )and people complain. I wonder why? Check the settings maybe?   

" They're were actual frontline women reeeee!!!" 
No one is denying the existence or respect for these women , however the overwhelming majority of causalities and service troops were male.

The fact that people have to link to articles and Wikipedia to show specific examples of female soldiers in WW2 proves the point that they were extremely rare. This doesn't in anyway take away from their accomplishments , but the minority case shouldn't be expounded to outrageous proportions.

How many articles do you see showcasing specifically how men as a gender contributed to the war?  I'm guessing almost none , because men fighting in the military was the overwhelming norm. 

On another note I'm actually more upset by the apparent customization available. That looks ridiculous.

Secondly, Battlefield is by no means a milsim and or realistic interms of game play mechanics , but cosmetically it has always been relatively accurate. Excluding maybe the experimental weapons DLC for 1942.  When going to a setting like WW2 why be so inaccurate cosmetically? As someone who studies and cares for history this game shouldn't even mention WW2, because it looks nothing like it.  It is just sad. 

The massive ridiculous customization in this game's multiplayer as we can see for now, is a total immersion breaker. 

And immersion is what this game is aiming for? 

Biker jackets, Bionic arm, katana, cricket bat, women in places they were not historically (i.e  historical places: French resistance, Russian troop or possibly a factory making munitions for the war effort and treating wounded soldiers as nurses.) Why is that so looked down on? 

The War paint is acceptable to some degree as-long as its realistic  

WW2 was gritty and dark What is this?

" You are no longer a nameless solider"  Why the f ** not?

Uniformity in the military look makes immersion in historical games like this!  Particularly a battlefield game and from a game play perspective lets you know what classes enemies are playing. 

Change this now or we boycott.  # NotmyBattlefield