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Stop Food Waste on Film Sets

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As a nation, we waste 40 percent of the food we produce, according to estimates from the National Institute of Health.   An average of 20 pounds of food waste per household every month or 0.67 pounds every day.  Try multiplying that waste by 40 (an average headcount per film set) every day of shooting.  As we face a serious climate change this matter is more crucial than ever.  We need to be more responsible on how we manage our food supply and reduce our waste which would be a relife to the environment as well.  One of the biggest food waste that is happening is on film sets, since they over stock and over load the crew with food that is not needed, productions should be more efficient in how they manage their crafty and catering.  Every film set offers at least  3-4 choices of meat per person, along with numerous sides and other items that never gets eaten.  After each meal, per the Department of Health, they are required to throw out the uneaten food (non-packaged).  By the end of the day this can mount to 3 buffet meals for the entire cast and crew.  

We, the concerned citizens of California, ask Senator Feinstein to present an law where food waste is limited to a low weight amount per film set in order to curb the excessive waste that is currently happening.  

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