End Animal Testing!

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Do you really think it’s okay to hurt another animal for commercial or lab testing? I don’t think so at all.  More than 100 million animals lost in labs to animals testing. I feel very strongly about animal care, health, and more. I really have a deep love of animals. Animals including rats, mice, monkeys, fish, birds, hamsters, and even larger animals like cats, are being used in labs for all different testing that can hurt them, if not kill them. Unfortunately, there are many people that do not believe that animal testing is bad.

I found out that, of course, I am not the only one who wants to see this changed. I looked up “end animal testing,” and I found a number of websites that believe exactly what I do. One of the websites that I found is called “In Testing”. It states everything I believe in and agree with. I think that you should consider this because I’m pretty sure that you are NOT trying to hurt animals on purpose, and you most likely wouldn’t if you didn’t have to.  There are other ways to do testing instead of using animals. It is proven that some alternatives to animals are even more accurate. This is the 21st century! We have robots and machines that can be tested on to mimic animals. As we are learning more and more ways to make robots, and our culture is becoming more modern, we are developing more machines and robots. I think that there is definitely a way to make a robot or machine that can be tested on to mock the exact way an animal or human might be tested on. But that's not the only alternative to animal testing. Donated human tissue is said to be more accurate than testing on animals. More than 50% of animals tested on die. Using donated human tissue, we aren’t hurting anyone, and nobody is dying except those who very rarely donate their life to science. It is said to be more cost-effective to use the above alternatives than to test on animals. This obviously makes lots more sense, and is better for the animals. 

I am focusing on animal testing for lots of reasons that are obvious to me. WHY would you hurt or test on an animal when you don’t have to? I think that this is a matter of opinion, and mine is all about getting the best for the animals. I want to show people that there are more options other than testing on animals, and I want people to wake up and notice that they are an animal too! Those animals in labs have just as much right to live as humans do. It’s hard for me to even think about testing on innocent animals. This CAN change evolution. Over time, a certain kind of animal might go extinct because they have all been used for animal testing. Anything can happen. So stop! Clearly, I really feel strongly about non-animal-testing, and I want others to do so as well.

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Ava Murakami