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REQUIRE AIR QUALITY MONITORING 24/7 at Terminal 5 and impacted neighborhood(s)

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Permanent, on site at Terminal 5 air quality data and enforcement is vital to our health. Most everyone knows that air pollution not only damages your lungs, and causes cancer, but according to the American Heart Assoc. research air pollution also causes (yes, causes) heart disease (a killer).

West Seattle has literally no accurate air quality measurements for our community. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has monitors to the south and east of us,but nothing that truly measures what West Seattle suffers under with regard to toxic air.   Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has the equipment and experience to respond to public complaints in a fair and neutral manner. PSCA already scientifically gathers data 24/7 in other areas - but those locations do not capture West Seattle air quality.  There are no PSCA monitors W or Harbor Island, or W of Terminal 5. There are multiple existing pollution sources East of West Seattle, and Eastern winds (frequently a night time wind direction).  Certainly the massive diesel activity of Terminal 5 (trucks, ships, equipment, rail) significantly increase that toxic air that we endure.  Terminal 5 air pollution is extremely close to our neighborhoods (most of the other sources are further away). 

 We NEED air quality measurement - on site - at Terminal 5.... and also  within (up the hillsides) our community.  The 'heat' from emissions lifts up (due to both the topography and the cooler marine air from Elliott Bay) into our neighborhoods at higher elevations and in the perimeter of Terminal 5.  We NEED  PERMANENT  AIR  QUALITY  DATA AND PROTECTION  24/7   at Terminal 5  - and in our neighborhood(s) -  to assure accuracy of data, and also a method for enforcement. Our health, and that of our children, is significantly harmed by air pollution.    Let's know what we are breathing.  Let's have a fair and neutral method for enforcement of air quality issues. Please sign this petition in support of PSCA air quality monitoring at T-5 and impacted neighborhood(s)

We also need EXCESSIVE NOISE  PROTECTION  (especially at night during sleep hours - which historically has kept many people in our community from being able to sleep)  We look to DPD for effective intervention in that regard.   


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