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Animal Cruelty: lets change the laws

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In today’s society, we see more and more dogs and cats outside in the cold temperatures without very much we can do about. We continue to see puppy mill after puppy mill being busted, those convicted do like 5 years then go right back to do it again. Animal Cruelty is the first line of seeing human violence being created. A person who’s gonna go and hurt an animal, will later down the road hurt another person. I’ve done 4 years of countless research on animal cruelty and the more I find about serial killers, rapists, human violence in general, I find it began with animal cruelty. I want to change that, I want it where a person who’s convicted of animal cruelty has it so hard to own another animal and gets psychological help in the process. People need to stop dehumanizing animals and people, and this is a step towards that. 

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