Getting Libre FreeStyle on the NDSS

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The Libre FreeStyle blood glucose monitoring device is a life changing device for Type 1 diabetics. It monitors your blood sugar 24hours a day giving you access to life changing information about your individual blood glucose levels. In Australia it cost over $92 a fortnight because it is not registered on the NDSS. Over 50 countries in the world have the Libre FreeStyle registered on the NDSS. I am hoping Australia will catch up to the other countries. By signing this petition you may help to make this technology accessible to all Australians living with this complicated disease. It is game changing technology that all Type 1 diabetics should be able to use and afford. I have had Type 1 diabetes for nearly 25 years and was granted a two week trial of the Libre FreeStyle Sensor. After 25 years you would think I would have a clear understanding of what my blood sugar levels are but this device has shown me many areas where my health is severely affected. For example when I am asleep. My blood glucose levels rises all night to a dangerous level. With this information my Endocronologist will be able to help me maintain a healthy life. Thank you for your support.