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Launch a formal investigation into 19 Kids and Counting - JimBob and Michelle Duggar for not reporting child molestation.

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The Duggar family - JimBob and Michelle of TLC's 19 kids and counting allowed the systematic abuse of four of their daughters and a family friend by their son Josh Duggar. They willfully subjected their children to sexual abuse, did not report it to the proper authorities and did not remove the abuser from the household. Prolonging the child victims exposure to their sexual abuser, by supporting him, allowing him to interact with them and covering up the sustained pattern of abuse through "Christian counseling" Thus putting all of their minor children at risk.

The young women that Josh molested were victimized in the worst way possible - by their family, by their church, and their community. This petition is a call to action to see that justice is served and that this does not continue in the Duggars family. This petition is respectfully requesting that the state also assess if any other Duggar children and or family friends have been abused by Josh Duggar - including his own children. The victims, who had their voices taken away as children, need the state to do what is right. 

The"man"/"officer" that was responsible for the investigating the incident was involved in a child pornography ring and clearly did not have the young girls - or any minor child's - best interest at heart and closed the investigation. He now is spending 50 yrs in prison for child pornography. Mr Gothard, whom ran the AT Institute resigned due to assault and sexual battery on women. He also was not capable of managing the situation from an unbiased position.

It is now the states responsibility to investigate, interview, and levy charges. Removing any minor children from the home.

We as citizens believe it is the duty of the State of Arkansas to launch a full and complete investigation, including evaluations of all children, interviews with the children without the parents present and the levying of charges against the parents. Failure to launch a formal investigation would be negligent and contrary to any ethical standards as it pertains to childhood sexual abuse. Including such remedies as removal of all minor children from the home. 

A copy of the associated police report, Springdale Police/ Case No: 1-06-006986 can be found here in a secure location:

We that have signed this petition believe that the following entities are now obligated to act in the best interests of all Duggar children:

Department of Human Services

Arkansas State Police



For anyone viewing and signing this petition, if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse or you suspect sexual abuse there is help. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Please call your local department of human services or call Darkness to Light - Sexual Abuse Hotline at 1-866-FOR-LIGHT (866-367-5444)

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