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STOP the contract eliminating Bonaire's wild donkeys! We need to protect our culture and nature, not kill it off!

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The capture and castration of the beautiful wild donkeys of Bonaire continues.  Please sign and share this petition to help bring awareness to the injustices happening to these donkeys after nearly 500 years!

Initial mitochondrial DNA findings show that the first Bonairean donkey samples  DNA is a link to the Nubian Ass listed as critically endangered. 

URGENT: This petition has started because the beautiful and iconic donkeys of Bonaire are suffering great injustices after 450+ years of being on Bonaire! Killing donkeys because of age is inhumane! Trailers of dead donkeys carted to the landfill is not acceptable! Eliminating the donkeys from Bonaire is a tragedy! 

  • - Dragged from their homes and separated from their families
  • - Castrated, killed or taken captive
  • - Many have been killed and some killed just because they are "old"
  • - Injured donkeys that could have been treated were also killed
  • - Capturing has caused injury and some preterm labor from the traumatizing
  • - Bounty put on donkeys heads $20 each;
  •   (causes unskilled persons to injure donkeys when catching for the reward) 
  • - Witnesses have seen trailers of dead donkeys brought to the landfill
  • - Lots of propaganda from the people carryng out the contract 
  •   getting paid for the job (such a disgrace!)
  • - The overall plan is for complete elimination of the Bonairean donkey


  • There is a signed contract that will eliminate the donkeys over time, it states:
  • - Capture every free roaming donkey
  • - Keep only the females and babies in captivity (castrate males when old enough)
  • - Castrate EVERY male, tag them and turn them out
  • - Kill the injured and sick 
  • - Even after the agreed end date of the contract males must be caught and castrated immediately.  Females and babies must be captured and remain in the Sanctuary.  THERE IS NO END TO THE CAPTURE AND CASTRATION!  

Many local people, tourist and expats love the donkeys and are terribly upset. They are an integral part of the island's tourism and landscape.  After 400 years, they are part of Bonaire and the ecosystem.  The donkeys are reseeders and fill an important ecological niche. Eliminating donkeys merely for prejudice or inconvenience is wrong.  

There is a plan to get the donkeys off the street and get them back to nature; fix the wells and reservoirs to give all the animals and farmers access to water; launch education programs; make a traffic control plan to benefit humans and all wildlife.  It is a humane plan that treats the donkeys with the respect they earned after almost 500 years on the island.  It is a plan to help make driving on the roads safer.  It is a plan to care for and protect these animals and the natural heritage of Bonaire.

They can be preserved to continue as cohabitors to Bonaire's ecosystem.  The donkeys contribute to nature and fill an ecological niche after almost 500 years.         

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to bring attention to the Bonaire donkey situation.  Through this petition we want to help put a stop to the inhumane treatment and eventual extinction of Bonaire's wild donkeys!   

THIS IS AN URGENT PLEA... We need to stop this contract immediately!

"If we see animal abuse and do not report it, we are just as guilty as the abuser."

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