Reschedule Jee mains dates

Reschedule Jee mains dates

8 July 2021
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Dharmendra Pradhan , education minister and
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Started by Amit Bhansal

Dear Education minister,

IIT JEE is one of most reputed examinations of the country ,one of the toughest exams around the world and students appear in large amounts to compete in it.As the country has faced the devastation caused by second wave,it is extremely important that the students are vaccinated before the exam and the exam need to be conducted under safe environment as conduction of exams without vaccinating the candidates will be life threatening.


It is a general practice in IIT JEE exams to provide atleast a month gap between 2 attempts but this time the government has provided only ONE day gap. This itself sounds very unfair. This time isn't sufficient to decide whether to appear for next attempt nor to prepare for it. I really don't know when they would release the results for 3rd attempt at the first place. This is an illogical decision ever made! Hence we request you to give atleast ""20 days gap between the attempts"".

After conducting 2 attempts,it was promised by the government that the dates of the exams will be announced 15 days prior to the actual exam,that promise was never overseen. Last year government announced the dates for 2nd attempt 2 months before the exam. How UNFAIR is this?? Now we have no gap inbetween to prepare coz all the entrance exams are conducted continuously one after the other without even one day gap. What's the problem in giving enough time between them n conducting all the exams online? Like other exams -SRMJEE and VITEEE ??

We are hoping for a decision to be taken in favour of us.

Thank you,

All India JEE aspirants



This petition made change with 1,089 supporters!

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