Justice for a wife, daughter and son from a threatening father in M.P. Police

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I’m hiding real name of my friends just for the sake of privacy until this petition reaches to DGP of Madhya Pradesh.

My friend, her mother and her brothers getting beaten and abused by her father on daily basis. He's a police man, and not like other police officers. He abuses and shout curses to his family, wants them to die. Nobody ever risked to take an action against him, until I’ve witnessed it all by my eyes.  It was today when I met my friend in park to discuss about my new startup. I wanted her to give me ideas about what would be the best way to inspire girls through my company.

But in sudden this tragedy happened, her father had seen us sitting together on a bench and I haven’t moved a little because I knew I haven’t done anything wrong by being with her in a public place but he abused and cursed his daughter in public, she scared and tried to run, I asked, to stop but she started crying on the spot. She’s a tough girl! How could she cry even when she haven’t done anything wrong? And all of the sudden his father with his battalion (around 10-12 men) from 7th battalion situated in Jahangirabad area near police head quarters in Bhopal approached us and treated her like she doesn’t belongs to him at all. She ran away, crying! And as she went he started abusing me and told me with some curses that i’ll see her and her mother at home.

I was scared. Was this right? What will he see? She hadn’t done anything wrong at all! So I’ve followed her back to my friends home, she lives near her and could hear all the crying of her. I couldn’t understand why was she crying that bad and what’s really gonna happen?

Things went normal until her father arrived at her home and cursed aloud to her wife and daughter. I was shocked, blanked for a moment. What was that? Did he really assaulted her wife? All those questions were around my head until my friend spoke and said, it’s normal.

First time in my life I’d been into this situation where I couldn’t do anything! After some minutes of curses and a lot of cries, everything went silent at her home like nothing happened.

Than my friend, of whose home I was staying in her neighbourhood. She began telling me how this guy treats his family and this made my heart fall down to my stomach.

She told me the way her father treats her and behave. He earns 30 to 40 thousand monthly salary on an average and had put both of his daughters into a low level community school in jahangirabad. Gives around 500 rupees to them to buy clothes for special events. And never had paid anything to his wife unless some 200 rupees to buy groceries. Shouts to his older son that all you want is to kill me so that you may get my government job and so that your sisters could spend lots of money on themselves.

Her both brothers left studies early in their lives and went into depression just by watching how their father treats her mother and daughter.

I never thought of any such thing ever happens to any family anywhere and if someone had told me this, I could never have believed in him! I respect the police force in my city and by watching one among them behaving like this, I am losing the respect for the man in uniform.

I need your help in signing this petition in order to help this family get back on track and get that man the right punishment that he deserves. It’s terrible to see a family surviving with such a horrible man.

Please, help me into bringing peace to that family and so we united public of India could make sure that no family could ever have to go through all this in future if we just take this one stand together.

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