Remove Ban and bring proper laws of flying drones in India

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It's being long since we haven't received any updates on getting a proper law for flying a drone in india. Below is the last communications made by DGCA post which nothing was heared till now

In around first quarter of 2016, we even got a draft version of some laws, but still they are not being implemented.

Drones in current days were not as dangerous as they are shown in currently, people are much more knowledgeable and even due to technological advancements several sophisticated yet easy to use drones are available. Let's take an example of world's leading professional drone company DJI, they make drones but they always keep in mind both security of user and his environment and also national security.

If we go through a full review of, let say their, one of the public usage drones, Mavic pro, they are using 22 gps based satellites for correcting the drone flights and also maintaining the correct path. Using sonar like Technology, so will never crash into any of the objects flying either ways i.e forward and backward. Even return to home  feature bring back drone back to the user as soon as battery is down under certain range, around 10%. The most important thing, related to national security, DJI is continuously updating their database with no flight zone around globe. So, their drone will never crossed that barrier of bypassing any no fly zones. You can updates in their DJI go app which helps to connect your drone with mobile and feeds data to and fro.

Even they are using inbuilt wifi which doesn't have much range, so telecommunication operators, as mentioned in draft somewhere, will also not have to worry of their loss.

So, allowing drones from some of the reputed companies is not that much harmful. Just like cars, certain rules which each company have to follow, similarly rather than making laws only for how people will be flying drones, bring sone parameter  for companies also which they should follow for selling a drone in India.

Many Chinese drones are available in India which are selling at cheaper price tags and not as safer, so bans must be put on those rather than putting it on whole of it. 

Hence, it's a humble request to please sign this petition and help in bringing proper rules for owning and flying drones in India. Hope to get your fullest support.

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