Free Samuel from Detention and Bring Him Home to His Family

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Samuel Rodrigo Tzic-Chicaj is the proud father of a courageous and loving family, who have been through a lot of trauma over the past few years.  They fled devastating poverty and violence in Guatemala, and risked everything to come to the United States.  They thought the worst was behind them, and were finally happy and safe together in Greensboro, until a recent visit to ICE offices in Charlotte changed everything.  We are told he may be deported within a week - please sign this petition NOW, addressed to Thomas Homan, Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  He has the power to free Samuel from detention, and keep him from being unjustly deported.  His family, his pregnant wife and 2 children, are in despair and need him home!

Samuel fled Guatemala a few years ago after ruthless drug traffickers and gangs threatened him if he didn’t join them.  Fearing for his life and the well-being of his family, he sought asylum in the United States, while his wife Blanca and his two young children relocated to another region of Guatemala.  Last year, the masked gangs found Blanca and terrorized the family.   She and the children sold their land, and survived a very difficult journey to join Samuel in Greensboro, North Carolina last year.  As a condition of his asylum claim, Samuel, who has no criminal history whatsoever, had been checking in regularly with Immigration and Customs officials in Charlotte with his devoted family by his side.

Sadly, his asylum claim was denied, and despite an ongoing appeal from his attorney, Samuel was detained by ICE agents on the spot.  His children collapsed in the waiting room, praying for their beloved father to be released.  Samuel now sits in a deplorable detention facility in Southern Georgia, seven hours away from his family, deeply concerned about the well-being of his family left behind.  His family is devastated – the children often cry, pleading for their father, and suffer from the trauma of having family separated, while Blanca anxiously awaits the outcome of her own asylum claim.  She is also soon expecting a third child, and is worried about where food, rent, and healthcare will come from without the loving support of her husband. 

While the family has a determined attorney working on valid pending asylum cases, and is receiving emergency support from FaithAction, they are in immediate need of community action in hope that their cases will be handled justly.  They deserve safety and welcome in our community.  Samuel should not be in detention or deported while awaiting an appeal on his asylum case, and his children should not be suffering without their father over the holidays.  His wife should not be concerned about the direct effect of this trauma on their newborn baby.

This is sadly just one example of dozens in our community over the last several months.  So many families in our community have been ruthlessly separated by damaging and unnecessary immigration policies.  They are not strangers, they are our neighbors and friends, and we will not turn our backs on them.  Please, search your hearts - do what is right, compassionate, and just.  Sign this petition, and help reunite Carolos with his family this holiday season; then contact your elected officials, share your concerns with Carlos' story, and demand they move us now toward more fair, compassionate, and humane immigration reforms NOW – the soul of our nation, and the well-being of thousands of our newest immigrant neighbors depends upon it.