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Dexcom, the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitors for people with diabetes, has changed their adhesive in their devices again which is creating the resurgence of the painful, ugly, dexcom rash.  The devices weren't causing this problem for at least a year and now the rashes have returned.  The devices are falling off after the skin gets irritated and underneath the adhesive the skin is oozing.  Dexcom needs to give a device for people with reactions and those that don't suffer from reactions. The devices cause contact dermatitis.  Research leads to the ingredients in the adhesive being something like SUPER GLUE.  The devices also have problems with sensor failures and the G6 gets stuck and jammed when people try to put it on.  All of these problems create angst with the user, make the children uncomfortable and reluctant to wear the devices to help manage their T1 diabetes.  

With the integration with the T-Slim pump, the G6 device is synced with the pump to reduce basal insulin.  So without the device, the pump isn't working correctly to help manage blood sugars.  

Many people come up with their own 'hacks' and use Flonase nasal spray on the skin to act as a protective barrier between the skin and adhesive.  It doesn't work for everyone.  Everyone shouldn't have to go out and buy extra equipment to keep the rashes away and keep the devices on.  

Dexcom doesn't send Flonase with our orders either and the stuff isn't cheap.  They'll give you overlay patches, but those tend to fall off as well and even cause rashes.  Some kids are just prone to getting rashes because it's also an autoimmune reaction.  

Some people use other barriers like, Mastitol, Duoderm, Hydrocolloid, IV Prep, Opsite Flex tape, All Kare, Varihesive, and Convatek.  

Today, May 1, 2020, I had to take my son to the doctor to get an antibiotic and a topical ointment to help his wound heal.  He's irrirated with this device.  He was reluctant to wear it a few years ago and now that I got him to wear it, it's irritating his skin and irritating him emotionally and mentally.  It itches and bothers him.  And he's not alone.  The pictures are all over the Facebook diabetes group and Facebook Dexcom groups.  

I've reported my incident to the FDA, you should too.  Dexcom needs to be held accountable to their users.  

Yeah, they replace the devices when they fail, jam, fall off, etc, but guess what?  All that does is raise the prices for you and your insurance company.  They spend more money on overnighting replacement devices, and that alone should be a reason for them to make sure their product is not failing and irritating people.  

Every time there is a problem, parents have to call and stay on hold to get through to Dexcom.  That's annoying as well.  And the customer service reps have no answers for why this is happening.  

We want Dexcom to be transparent.  Tell us what you are doing.  Fix this problem.  You, Dexcom, have no real competitor in this space.  You know your device is the leader of the pack, you know the other devices don't work as well as yours.  People are afraid to report you to the FDA for fear that the devices may become unavailable and they'd rather have faulty parts than no parts at all.  

The FDA needs to make you accountable, they need to recall the bad lots and make you throw them in the incinerator.  

Dexcom, you need to supply all the necessary hacks with your devices so people don't have to buy them separately.  Bill the insurance companies for all of the hacks and tools we need to use your devices without getting rashes.  

Users:  Sign and share this petiton and write to Dexcom representatives at:  and  

Write a letter to the CEO, Mr. Kevin Sayer, and tell him how you feel about his leadership in making this product usable without producing hurtful rashes.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!