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Azhar Ahmed to be sent to prison for hate crimes against British soldiers.

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This is truly a saddening time. I see authors writing about how there are several things wrong with the charges that Azhar Ahmed is facing. The fact that even I myself may be flawed with saying that he has commited 'hate crimes' when infact it may not constitute as a hate crime in reality. Instead of going over any legal term or trying to generalise what Azhar Ahmed has done, we should be remembering what he has plain and simply done.

He has acted in a massively insensitive, unncessarry and most definitely cruel manner. The one statement I seen thrown around is "what if one of the soldiers that had died was one of your sons or relative?" The truly saddening part is that for some people that person was their son or relative etc. So Azhar Ahmed should face serious punishment for his intentionally malicious and intolerant ways.

What I'm genuinely wanting is for Azhar Ahmed to make a public apology, to show deep remorse for the error of his ways, and to truly try make ammends for what he's caused. I sincerely think that originally he thought he was some kind of a 'big shot' or 'hard man' may you have it, but in reality he's acted like a complete child and will have added so much grief and further suffering to a lot of people's lives. If I had known one of the soldiers and had seen this status I would, needless to say, be feeling several unwanted emotions at an already horrible time in my life.

Also this petition isn't 'demanding' anything. I've simply created it as a more appropriate outlet for people's views. I wanted to have this petition before Ahmed had his court appearance as oppose to afterwards. I'm sure the Magistrates' Court will be capable of coming to the best decision with all factors in hand.

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