Devoted Citizens Speaking Up Against Corruption

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Dear Devoted Citizens of South Africa,

If we do not rise up now to fight against the rampant corruption in our country, we are not going to recover socio-economically for years to come. We cannot sit back as a few greedy individuals who have no conscious continue to loot public funds and resources. Investigations and Commissions have yielded no tangible results and it’s time that we speak up and fight for the future of our children and the future of this country.

This is why we implore you to sign this petition which is demanding the following:

1. An accountability system within government which is transparent and has tangible outcomes rather than the endless and expensive investigations that do not yield results.

2. The immediate revoking of all ill gotten tenders and contracts by government officials, their family members or friends.

3. The immediate suspension of all government officials who are implicated as “covidprenuers”

4. Penalization of those found guilty of wrong doing through a legal process as well as repayment of all the money the state has been prejudiced of through corrupt acts.

5. A greater sense of compassion for our future generations and the people of South Africa by our leaders and all corrupt people

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