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In accordance with advice from public health officials and to keep the entire university community safe, the University of La Verne has made the decision to have all classes be online for the remainder of the semester/term. For many students such as ourselves, this means we will not be returning to an actual classroom setting until the next school year in Fall 2020. We understand that the coronavirus is a serious threat and the benefits of self-isolating in our homes. The university has said they would refund room and board fees and partial meal plans to those students that live on campus. They have also said that several student workers will continue to work from home or even continue to be paid. What they have not fully explained though, is whether they will refund or even discount our tuition fee. Even though the university claims that they will offer the same education experience through online courses, that is simply not possible. The education we are receiving is not the same as it was before given that many professors do not have training in teaching a course that is fully online. Only a week prior have the professors began to participate in training for online classes. In addition, many students do not have internet access at home, computer access, or struggle to learn on an online platform. The university is providing hotspots and outside resources for the internet but it has been brought to our attention that the hotspots are very limited and do not all work. The alternatives with cable companies are something not everyone qualifies for. It is unfair to ask students to have to pay for the internet while charging in-person tuition. Online learning greatly affects many opportunities that are essential for learning across all disciplines; music rehearsals, labs with proper equipment, etc. In addition, international students that live in different time zones will have difficulties doing online live lectures or video conferences given that they might have to stay up late at night or wake up early in the morning. We all paid tuition for learning in a classroom environment, which is more expensive than online classes. At the University of La Verne, tuition per semester hour is approximately $1,237.50, whereas online classes cost $645 per semester hour. Being that all our classes will now be online for the remainder of the semester, it would only be logical for the university to charge us the cost of online classes. 

In addition to reducing the cost of tuition, we should be refunded for all the extra fees that we will not be used for the second half of the semester. Some of these fees include the ASULV fee, Biology Lab fee, Music Lab fee, our mandatory Undergrad Health fee, and so many more. If we will not be on campus to take advantage of all these things, then why do we have to pay for them?

The lack of preparedness from the university does not mean that its students should have to continue to pay for now unnecessary fees and high in-person tuition rates. So what we propose is that students who are graduating this semester or not returning next semester be refunded the difference in fees while the continuing students have a credit placed on their accounts for the following semester/school year. We understand that nobody could have predicted this outbreak, but it is not the first. The university should have been better prepared for an unlikely but not impossible event to occur such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and anything else that would force us to move online.

Below, we have compiled a list of fees that we should be refunded for. If you agree, please sign our petition. We are open to discussing other options as well. Other colleges/universities are giving “inconvenience credit” to all of their student’s accounts and making the money transferable to their banks. Occidental College, for example, gave $300 to every student, and even though it may not be a lot, it was a huge help to those students that were stuck on campus with no access to dining halls or even to commuters such as ourselves. We also are understanding of the fact that refunds of this magnitude may not happen right away. To conclude, please continue to practice social-distancing and good hygiene habits because the health and well-being of every member of our La Verne community are of utmost importance. We are proud to call ourselves Leos!

-University of La Verne students

Reimbursement Fees:

ASULV fee- $160.00

Deferment fee- $50.00

Mandatory Undergrad Health fee- $395.00

Biology Lab Fee- $150.00

Bookstore charges- varies

Music Lab Fee- $250.00

Chemistry Lab Fee- $150

Tuition for the semester- $22,275= $1,237.50 per semester hour vs. Online classes- $645 per semester hour

Biology/Anthropology 350L, 360L, 394 Lab Fee- $100

Kinesiology Lab Fee- $75- $150

Journalism, Radio, TV and MSS Lab Fee(s)- $150

Laboratory Fee, per course (non-refundable)- $150

Music 345- Digital Audio Production- $50

Computer Science Lab Fee- $150

Photography Laboratory- $175

Graduation Fee- Undergraduates: $140

Graduation Fee- Graduates (Masters): $160

Graduation Fee- Graduates (Doctoral): $300

Makeup Exam Fee- $40 

Students that cannot take an exam at the requested time of the professors because of work, child care, etc.

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