KC Ballet: Remove Yellowface from the Nutcracker


KC Ballet: Remove Yellowface from the Nutcracker

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Kerri Voyles started this petition to Artistic Director, Kansas City Ballet Devon Carney and

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The problem

The Kansas City Ballet continues to use Yellowface, an outdated caricature of Asians in its annual Nutcracker production. 

As a lover of the arts and dance in particular, this issue hits home for me.

During the Chinese variation, dancers perpetuate a one-dimensional stereotype of Asians. The costumes, makeup and movements are rooted in a xenophobic, problematic worldview that perpetuates a dominant culture's view of a minority culture. See a photo from last year's KC Ballet production here

The solution

Dozens of dance leaders across the nation have signed a pledge to remove yellowface from the stage. Signers include leaders at the New York City Ballet and several regional companies.

I'm requesting that the KC Ballet publicly sign the pledge and remove Yellowface from the stage this year and forever. By doing this, they signal to the community that they are committed to creating a more inclusive ballet experience for all. The pledge is at yellowface.org.

More from Yellowface.org: 

"Inspired by positive changes at New York City Ballet in 2017, we began to ask ourselves why other companies in America still present outdated representations of Asians in the Nutcracker and other ballet performances. We recognize that this conversation has been happening across the country every December, in communities large and small, from dance studios to professional companies - and want to consolidate the conversation."

"In the same way that Blackface is limiting and degrading to African Americans, continuing to present an 19th century view of Asians does not allow for character nuance for Asian American dancers today."

"It’s time for us to replace caricature with character; it's time for Yellowface in ballet to take a Final Bow!"

- from the Yellowface pledge creators, Phil Chan & Georgina Pazcoguin

PC: Brett Pruitt from the 2018 production


This petition made change with 109 supporters!