We don't need a bullet train at the cost of 54000 mangrove tress!

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With the increasing climatic emergency emerging day by day, can we really afford to have a bullet train at the cost of 54000 mangrove tress?

At a time when the earth is reeling under the threat of global warming and pollution, another bad news awaits for the Indians. Man, in the name of modernization and advancements, is destroying its own life and proving that once again, Maharashtra has taken up a bullet train project in the state for the sake of which at least 54,000 mangroves will be sacrificed.

This is certainly one of the most disappointing and shocking news. At least 54,000 mangroves spreading across 13.36 hectares in Maharashtra will be cut off for setting up the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project. The news on the project and the cutting of the trees have been confirmed by the state government on Monday. 

Transport minister of the state Diwakar Raote has assured it in a written reply to Shiv Sena legislator Manisha Kayande that there are plans from the government to plant five times the trees that will be cut for the project. BUT DO TREES GROW BACK IN ONE DAY? 

More than 35% of the world’s mangroves are already gone. 

Requesting the government to find an alternative for the bullet train. DO NOT CUT THE MANGROVE TRESS!