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Ulhasnagar Development Plan is Disaster For Common Man

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Development plan for Ulhasnagar have listed present residential and commercial properties as road cutting, green zone & recreation zone. Development Plan is unjust, unethical & unplanned. It is a CATASTROPHE resulting into 5000 families landless, 1000 shops landless bringing poverty, commercial setback , raise in slums & crime.

Green zone : Various buildings, barracks & bungalows are in green zone effecting atleast 5000 families, expected returns are 2.5 times the stamp duty value of property, presently stamp duty value is not even 20% of market price.

Unplanned : Selection of green zones is improper for example in a particular area there is temple with xx area and adjoin to temple there are buildings, houses comprising same area with 150 families & town-planner thinks it is easy to shift 125 families then a temple . Entire housing is listed as garden.

Unjust : What we will do from so many gardens if you are not leaving people to live in city? how are properties selected by some lottery? the ones in green zone lost everything and one in residential zone just multiplied there wealth.

Unethical : Biggest blunder VTC ground office displays different plan and UMC office has a different one. Same places are residential and green zone in respective plans. PLANS ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE TO COMMON MAN 8000 is charge to get a copy. not even on website of UMC website never loads.

Road Cutting : Shops in Entire Market road are loosing there property, previously same happened in 2015 more than 500 shops demolished promised to receive compensation got nothing till date. At the same time there were floods in Chennai they received 1000 CRORE relief fund, development is more disastrous with no relief.  That was huge economic breakdown in Ulhasnagar


A relief is needed, This DP plan will bring under development, poverty, slums, people will loose trust on Government, raise in crime rate for the city, we as a citizens too need a well planned town but it should not be loss for some and gain for some it should be EQUAL for everyone a win-win.

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