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For amendment in Fee Regulation Act, the Government of Maharashtra has formed a committee headed by Shri Palshikar, a retired High Court Judge, two parents' representatives, two school management representatives and other learned members. The recommendations given by this committee do not contain any specific percentage of parents without which parents can't approach Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee if aggrieved by the decision of EPTA or school management in respect of fee hike. The recommendation says a group of parents aggrieved and not minimum 25% of total parents of the school. Where from the education minister derived this unrealistic minimum percentage of parents who can only approach? If a school has 3000 students, is it possible to bring more than 750 parents together to file a complaint? The affected parents will be refrained from their fundamental right of lodging their grievances. Most of the parents opposes the illegal & undue fee hike but can't unite against the school management for number of reasons. Every parent , even though, not in agreement with illegal fee hike pays the fee in coercive way for the reasons being emotional and having fear about his child harassment, lack of time to come forward etc. That doesn't mean those having no fear about their child and can spare time for the fight against illegal fee shall be prevented from complaining just because they are not more than 25% in number. One more illegal proposal put up by education minister - If 2/3rd parents pay fees, remaining 1/3rd are bound to pay, why? Why the committee is formed for? The committee is a group of expert and the amendments shall be made only out of recommendations given by such committee and not by the discretion of the Education Minister.

All of you are requested to sign this petition for preventing education mafias to make the education business, to prevent the discretion of such useless education minister and to build a strong fundamental right of every parent to fight in a democratic country.

Thank you all for your immense support.